The Collapse of Yaymer Peak

When Caslon is the only one to show up for training, Garum declared, “as much as I like you, you must get your team in order or I’ll be forced to inform your father.”

Caslon then heads of to rouse her team. Dakota is lured out of bed by Caslon’s sincere manner but Ennryness is missing, having left some time before dawn. Together Caslon and Dakota rouse Kinit, who is asleep in Lajker room at the bakery. While Kinit is applying her makeup upstairs, her team mates enjoy buttered rolls in the bakery below.

They are interrupted mid way through these activities by the shaking of the earth. Rushing outside, they discover that a peak in the southern portion of the Fingers is simply missing. Dou Bafa is particularly disturbed by this event.

Acting on Dou’s assertion that a simmilar event has occured, the team breaks into the archival study where the collected journals of past Omser Captains are kept. They discover that this event has in occurred before, and that the Thal were called on in some way to deal with the problem. Also while in the library, Dakota pockets a map of the area around the newly collapsed mountain.

After their foray to the library, Kinit is approached by Tel Itai. He reports that before the collapse he and some of the other children were playing hoop and stone by Kalum’s tomb on the sheep peak. Apparently the apothecary’s daughter Imma Locke discovered something that severely frightened her.

That afternoon a meeting is called, Captain Serad Issuerkin determines that his group will head to the site to, “Salvage what they can.” He directs Tasun Issuerkin to remain behind, citing the likely hood of attack. Tasun in turn, assigns Caslon and her team to patrol.

Convinced that Serad is hiding something, the team decides to abandon the patrol to follow Caslon’s father to the site of the destruction. Unfortunately, the map Dakota selected leads them off course, foiling their plans to take a short cut and arrive first. They are forced to camp in the wilderness, and are attacked in the night by a small icy man.

The next day, they catch up with and spy on Serad’s team. Inexplicably, the Captain of the Omser appears to be making off with any and all man made objects. Perplexed, Caslon, Dakota, and Kinit decide to travel to Yaymer the second of the two towns within the area of destruction. There they find that the shrine to the mountain’s spirit has been defaced with blood and strange parallel scratches.


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