History of Acroth

Once, the world was a single continuous mass, then the world exploded. Now great masses of rock tumble through the sky, and the ground below is an elemental maelstrom. You reside on the floating island of Acroth, resources are sparse, collision is a constant danger, and the many small spirits of the land must be constantly appeased.

The Last Great Collision

  • The small jungle island of Tha’kinqua crashes into Lyepoli, a larger steppe covered landmass. There is massive destruction, but the humans of Tha are able to join the two landmasses.
  • The Acroth Conclave meets to enact magic that will prevent future collisions.
  • A magical artifact is created that will store arcane energy for use in deflecting other landmasses. In order to create this object all the horses on Acroth are sacrificed. The ritual also uses the blood of a living red dragon, Enburza. The final magical item is called the Enbur.
  • Omserak Ray’cer founds a secret defensive organization to compliment the Enbur. It is called the Omser in his honor.

Period of Two Nations

  • The a rift forms between the elf tribes of the Lyepoli Steppe and those that have migrated to the jungles of Kin’qua. When the steppe tribes provide an unsuitable match in marriage negotiations, separatist groups use the excuse to make war.
  • A great sickness spreads through the steppe herds.
  • The Kin’qua discover an antidote to the sickness. This, and the weakened state of the steppe tribes allows them to end hostilities in their favor. The steppe tribes become unwilling vassals of the King’qua.

The Raising of the Mountains

  • desperate under the yoke of the King’qua, the steppe tribes raise a mountain range between themselves and their oppressors.

The Kalumic War

  • Kalen Oughbanny, known to history as The Noose, takes control of Acroth’s magical water resources.
  • Using the power of a mythically powerful stone, he is able to regulate all magic in the region related to elemental water. He is able to remove the power of any spellcaster that that refuses to bend to his will as well as compel many of the lands spirits.
  • The Lyepoli nations unite and set aside their feud with the Kin’qua to fight Kalen and his water barrons.
  • Kalen raises an army of spirits to defend his possession of the stone.

The Rise of the Omser Defense Collective

  • Despite the magic of the Enbur, the island of Jilt is able to make contact with Acroth. The Jilt raid, plunder, murder, and rape.
  • A massacre occurs at Black Rock, in the face of the bloodshed the Omser choose to abandon their secrecy.
  • Issuer, a young commander in the Omser, becomes the heroic face of the organization, and eventually their commander. The organization is well known and respected.

Period of Spirit’s Unrest

History of Acroth

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